About us

Our story

Based in Cambridge, we apply AI, data analytics, and atmospheric and climate science to make aviation smarter and greener.

Our vision

Our vision is simple: to eliminate 2% of human climate impact through smarter, greener aviation.

Our Senior Team

Our Senior Team leads an exceptional group of people from diverse backgrounds, combining talent in atmosphere and climate science, aerospace engineering, and full-stack cloud software and data-engineering. 

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Adam Durant PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Chief Strategy Officer

Nick Bray CBE MSc MA

Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Aykroyd

Chief Operating Officer

Our values

We accomplish our vision through the continuous application of five core values. At SATAVIA we are:

Agile – we generate hyper-scale technological achievement at hyper-speed, moving fast and making things to stay ahead of the competition

Curious – our thirst for knowledge drives our scientific, technological, and entrepreneurial acumen, keeping us at the cutting edge of innovation

Creative – our problem-solving culture means we thrive on tackling the hardest problems with fresh perspectives to deliver new, impactful solutions

Caring – we’re eco-centric not ego-centric; we work as a team at all times to ensure we maintain a supportive, collaborative working environment

Diverse – we’re scientists, programmers, and specialists from all walks of life and all parts of the globe, working together to create more value, faster

Our culture

SATAVIA’s culture embodies an entrepreneurial mindset with the ambition to transform the relationship between aviation and the environment. Combining deep connections in the aviation ecosystem with an agile start-up culture, SATAVIA is able to scale quickly and adapt to new opportunities and partnerships. 

Even more importantly, we don’t just work hard – we play hard, too. Whether it’s wake-skating on Lake Ashford or punting on the River Cam, we’re always looking for opportunities to get out of the office and build our team’s resilience and collaborative spirit. 

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