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Satavia is a SME based in Cambridge, UK, offering digital environmental intelligence to make aviation smarter and safer.

Environmental factors in the atmosphere, like dust, ice, sulphur, and volcanic, accelerate wear of aircraft components; unscheduled maintenance costs the industry billions of dollars each year. Aircraft operators, manufacturers and maintenance repair organisations now increasingly share maintenance liability through ‘power-by-the-hour’ services for the lifetime of the aircraft.

Satavia’s digital intelligence platform generates environmental factor exposure analytics for individual aircraft and airports, and integrates machine learning to offer automated risk-based decision-making capability. Satavia’s data-as-a-service enables aircraft operators to modify aircraft flight plans and scheduling to extend engine lifetime, which saves $millions per engine in lifetime maintenance, and reduces cost of aircraft ownership. Aircraft engine manufacturers can proactively adjust maintenance plans to minimise unscheduled maintenance.

Satavia’s mission is to make maintenance planning more predictable and minimise unscheduled aircraft maintenance caused by the environment. Satavia's solutions also support ‘smarter flying’, which reduces fuel burn and aircraft emissions, and has a positive impact on climate. Our vision is to be the digital intelligence behind future pilotless aircraft.

Featured in the Disrupt 100 list | Judge Business School Accelerate Cambridge company | Pitch@Palace Finalist | ESA BIC Harwell company | Mass Challenge UK Finalist 2016 | Copernicus Masters Finalist


Baseline aircraft exposure

Fleet-wide historical assessment of exposure to a range of environmental factors as the first step in identifying high-risk assets. We quantify asset exposure over timescales of months or years. Use this service to adjust aircraft scheduling or proactively update maintenance plans to avoid unscheduled maintenance.

Live aircraft exposure

We capture aircraft location data from a range of third party suppliers and use proprietary tools to provide near-real-time analytics of aircraft movements and environmental exposure. This supports both aircraft health monitoring and flight planning and monitoring. Use this service to optimise aircraft exposure to a range of environmental threats.

Predictive risk metrics

Satavia offers analytics based on long-term assessment of environmental factors along scheduled routes and at airports. We help you to understand the risk involved in flying certain routes or into specific airports. Use this service to support long-term strategic decision-making based on quantitative risk metrics.


Scaleable system architecture

Cloud-based system architecture offering scalability, availability and reliability, with Operational Security Assurance

Platform User Interface

Products delivered interactively to the user via web-based user interface that works seemlessly across devices

API access

Products provided optionally as numerical data files via database API

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Our team combines expertise in numerical weather prediction modelling, artificial intelligence and data science, with extensive aviation and transport executive-level experience.



Cost of environmental factors for aviation

The scene above shows a dust plume over the Red Sea in a recent image collected by the NASA-NOAA Suomi NPP satellite. Aircraft exposure to environmental factors, including dust, sulphur, ice and volcanic ash, accelerates wear of engine and airframe components, and may pose a threat to flight safety. The combined process of aircraft inspection […]

Satavia internship programme 2017

Satavia’s summer internship programme runs between July to August 2017. This year we have a diverse mix of skills including mathematicians, astrophysicists, physicists, and information systems engineers. Projects include product validation, aircraft tracking, and front-end development. Satavia’s internship programme is always open so if you are interested in working with us please get in touch […]

Satavia ranked in the 2017 Disrupt 100 list

Satavia has ranked in the Tällt Ventures Disrupt 100 list which celebrates the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets. The DISRUPT 100 is an annual index celebrating the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets. The report tracks the world’s most disruptive […]

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