Why smarter and greener? SATAVIA’s green aviation mission

Conor Farrington, Head of Communications

You may have noticed that SATAVIA’s blog is called SMARTER AND GREENER.

Why did we choose that particular title?

It’s quite simple: that’s just what we do here at SATAVIA. We make aviation smarter and greener, cutting asset ownership costs through smarter condition monitoring (that’s our DECISIONX:FLEET offering) and eliminating 60% of aviation’s climate impact through contrail prevention (our DECISIONX:NETZERO platform).

Everything we do builds on our world-leading atmospheric digital twin, 5-DX, which enables decision-making (DX) in five dimensions: latitude, longitude, altitude, time, and probability. We ingest enterprise-grade climatological data and run industry-beating atmospheric modelling to produce a hyper-fidelity digital twin of the entire Earth’s atmosphere, from surface to LEO (Low Earth Orbit).


Hosted on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform Azure, 5-DX generates uniquely accurate data on over 26 meteorological parameters for more than six billion unique atmospheric locations. That takes some serious computing clout: in a recent hyper-scale demonstration with Microsoft and WIRED, we spooled up to 1 quadrillion computations per simulation day – that’s a hundred thousand times more computations than stars in the milky way!

5-DX generates unparalleled and actionable intelligence for every organisation influenced by atmosphere, climate or ocean, enabling smarter decision-making and a whole raft of innovative use-cases spanning civil and defense applications. 5-DX can be adapted to calibrate satellite observations, optimise solar panel siting, and improve agricultural management with equal ease.

Why smarter and greener? SATAVIA’s green aviation mission

SATAVIA’s aviation-focused use-cases are already transforming the relationship between aviation and the atmospheric environment, improving asset lifetime and reducing cost of ownership  (DECISIONX:FLEET) and eliminating up to 2% of ALL anthropogenic climate impact through contrail prevention (DECISIONX:NETZERO). In addition to our partnership with Microsoft, our past and current clients and partners include Rolls Royce, Lufthansa, Airbus, SAFRAN, Loganair, and Emirates. We’re excited to see how these relationships grow and develop as aviation embarks upon a smarter and greener future.

But aviation is just the beginning for 5-DX. We envisage a vast range of original, high-impact use-cases spanning the entire spectrum of human activity, enabling decision-making in five dimensions and transforming humanity’s relationship with the atmospheric environment. Contact us today to begin your 5-DX journey!