SATAVIA at the Emirates IT Summit 2020

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SATAVIA was extremely honoured to be invited by Emirates to their IT Summit last month, to be two of the six speakers at the event, alongside representatives from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Dubai Future Foundation.

They’ve got a core scalable data analytics and data science platform but they’re constantly looking for where they can make an impact… The world’s moving on at a really rapid pace and they’ve decided that they’re going to be at the front of that.

– Keenan Hamza, Emirates, introducing SATAVIA’s segment at the Emirates IT Summit.

Speaking to over 1000 attendees, our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Adam Durant delivered a presentation detailing how SATAVIA aims to reduce aviation’s climate impact caused by aircraft contrails through optimised flight planning.


Recent research suggests that Aviation accounts of 3.5% of human induced climate change, of which condensation trails left by aircraft, in particular atmospheric conditions, account for around 60% of the climate impact of aviation due to their warming effect on the Earth’s surface. Adam went on to explain that “If we can stop the contrails forming, we can reduce the impact of aviation on the climate by up to 60%”.

He continued to talk about the future of SATAVIA’s DecisionX:NETZERO platform, the importance of reducing the formation of condensation trails and how critical contrail forecasting and mitigation could be in creating a more sustainable future for Emirates and the aviation industry as a whole.

If we can stop contrail formation, we can reduce the impact of aviation on climate by up to 60%, which is 2% of total human-induced climate change!

– Dr Adam Durant, CEO of SATAVIA

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Following Adam, our Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Bray delivered a presentation on how we have adapted and developed products to help the aviation industry in its recovery during the COVID-19 Pandemic via our DECISIONX:AIRBRIDGE product and our involvement in Ventilator Challenge UK and Emergent Alliance.

SATAVIA and Emirates have built a strong relationship over the past year, being selected as a finalist at the 2020 Intelak bootcamp, and look forward to engaging with Emirates through 2021 via the AviationX Lab.