SATAVIA and Spire Aviation’s Strategic Data Partnership

20200930 satavia-spire-partnership-decisionx-final

SATAVIA and Spire Aviation are excited to announce a strategic data partnership in support of our shared vision for sustainable aviation.

SATAVIA’s cloud-based decision-making platform, DECISIONX, ingests Spire’s comprehensive global aircraft movement data (ADS-B) feed which it combines with weather, climate and maintenance datasets. This is used to help airline companies, aircraft lessors, aerospace OEMs and MROs understand and manage assets.

SATAVIA’s DECISIONX processes more than 100,000 flights per day from all sectors of aviation to produce global flight trajectories and schedules. DECISIONX offers environmental data intelligence at over 4,500 airports using validated analysis from high resolution atmospheric models to quantify asset exposure to contaminants such as dust, air pollution, salt, soot and organic aerosols. Access to DECISIONX is available through a REST API, facilitating rapid integration with any customer system.

We are delighted to partner with Spire Aviation as our primary aircraft movement data provider. Spire Aviation provides us with both the terrestrial and space perspective, and has impressed us with its highly consumable API and great global coverage, which has made it easy for our team to incorporate into our data pipeline.

Adam Durant, CEO, Satavia

We look forward to closely engaging with Satavia, who is leveraging the power of data through analytics and AI, in support of our shared vision for sustainable aviation. We are excited to provide Satavia’s award winning and innovative platform with Spire’s Satellite-based air traffic data, to find solutions to reduce aviation’s impact on our planet.”

John Lusk, VP & GM Spire Global Data Services

Spire Aviation enables application service providers and data teams to develop innovative solutions and drive business improvements using global air traffic data powered by Spire’s satellite constellation.

Spire Global is a data and analytics company that collects data from space to solve problems on Earth. Owning and operating one of the largest satellite constellations in the world, Spire Global identifies, tracks, and predicts the movement of the world’s resources and weather systems so that businesses and governments can make smart decisions.


SATAVIA is a data analytics and AI company based in Cambridge UK with a mission to make the aviation sector smarter and greener. SATAVIA’s exceptional team combines talent in artificial intelligence, data science, data and software engineering, aerospace engineering, and atmospheric and climate science to find solutions to reduce aviation’s impact on climate.