DECISIONX Awarded Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

SATAVIA is proud to announce that our DECISIONX product has been awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation’s Efficient Solution Label (September 2020).


Independently and stringently assessed, the Efficient Solution Label provides our cleantech product a credible marker of quality for solution seekers in aviation and government, facilitating their sourcing of solutions to reach environmental commitments.

DECISIONX enables airline companies, aerospace OEMs and MROs to reduce aviation’s impact on climate, to monitor aircraft condition more effectively while optimising engine performance, and to reduce the contribution of aircraft contrail formation to human-induced global warming.

Our vision
  1. Starting with maintenance (optimisation of engine core wash scheduling), the immediate aim is to drive down cost of ownership for airlines and reduce fuel burn and emissions by 0.5-1.0%.
  2. The next aim is to reduce aviation’s contribution to global warming from contrail formation, via contrail zone forecasting and preventative flight planning.
  3. The longer term aim is to improve carbon emissions accounting and offsetting, and ultimately support the transition to net zero carbon aviation.

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